Season 3, Episode 7 – Guest: Bryce Taylor

Season 3, Episode 7, features Bryce Taylor. Bryce is the creator of the Halo Trainer™, one of my favorite fitness and Pilates tools. He is also a physical therapist from Indiana.

Meet Bryce Taylor

Bryce Taylor is a leading thinker and contributor to the rehab and fitness industries. He is the Founder and Principal of Halo Rehab and Fitness and the creator of the Halo Trainer™. Bryce is also the Owner and Physical Therapist at Downtown Physical Therapy & Wellness in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Bryce is a national presenter, certified Pilates instructor, fitness enthusiast, and competitive volleyball player in Indianapolis, Indiana. He spends a great deal of time in the trenches–hands on, treating orthopedic and sports medicine conditions and programming strength and mobility training programs. He has developed three dimensional core training exercise content for his invention, the Halo Trainer.

Bryce lectures at national conferences and annual meetings for Physical Therapy, Sports Chiropractic, and National Academy of Sports Medicine and Science. He has provided consulting to the NFL for strength and conditioning and is viewed by peers in the fitness and rehab industries as a hybrid and friendly to all points along the continuum. Bryce has enjoyed introducing an element of rehab into mainstream fitness, from exercise enthusiasts and competitive athletes to those learning their way around the weight room.

He holds a BS degree in Human Biology from Seattle Pacific University and a MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Health Sciences.

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