Season 3, Episode 5 – Guest: Raph Bender

Season 3, Episode 5 features, Raph Bender, from Melbourne, Australia. Raph is CEO & Director of Breathe Education, Australia’s largest Pilates educator. He’s also a lot of fun! Check it out.

Meet Raph Bender

Raphael Bender is from Melbourne Australia and is the CEO & sole director of Breathe Education, Australia’s largest Pilates educator. Raph is a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation). He is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with the ESSA (Exercise and Sport Science Australia).

Raph has over 10,000 client-hours in clinical exercise and Pilates. He has over 8000 hours and 13 years of experience teaching the teachers. Raph is the auther of 3 nationally recognized courses in Pilates, an anatomy textbook and 3 Pilates repertoire manuals. Raph is the Co-founder and was the CEO of Breathe Yoga & Pilates which had $2.4 million annual revenue. He is an incredible resource for the Pilates industry and we’re thrilled that he’s sharing some of his expertise with us on The John Garey Show.

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