Season 3, Episode 2 – Guest: Wendy Andersen

Season 3, Episode 2 features, Wendy Anderson, owner of Victory Pilates, a STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center in Omaha. Wendy is also the creator of Pilates.Passion.Profit. This is a super fun and informative episode.

Meet Wendy

Wendy vividly remembers her first experience with her STOTT PILATES VHS and falling instantly in love with it. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, Wendy will never forget the day when she failed miserably at being able to do rolling like a ball and instead rolled more like an egg….or didn’t roll at all. From that day, she was hooked on the ever continuing challenge the STOTT PILATES method has presented her with!

After taking her mat and reformer courses, Wendy knew she wanted to become an Instructor Trainer and teach others to love the method as much as she did. As a former professional educator at the high school and university levels, Wendy loves teaching and ensuring that her students are “thinkers” and “processors” and can go deeper than just the words on the text, but really apply the knowledge and relate it to any given client’s situation.

Wendy has presented and consulted with many studios and institutions around the US and has given presentations at conferences around the nation on the Basic Principles of Pilates and Pilates for Kids. She also hosts a daily Pilates show on 5 City-Tv in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Wendy holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska Omaha as well as a bachelors degree in Education from Concordia University. Wendy is a STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer in addition to being a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor for Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Injury & Special Populations and CORE. Wendy is also the co-owner of the Pilates Center of Omaha.

Wendy is also a motivational speaker and certified coach, who specializes in empowering Pilates studio owners and women entrepreneurs to create a profitable business and passionate lifestyle, through her Pilates, Passion, Profit coaching program. As a mother, entrepreneur, trainer and a coach, Wendy possesses the know-how and methods to get your studio filled up with clients, break the mold, live on your terms and run a successful business.

And yes…Wendy can successfully do Rolling Like A Ball now!

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