Season 1, Episode 9 – Guest: Wataru Kamiizumi

Wataru Kamiizumi is a Pilates expert. He is the owner of B³ Pilates and Yoga in Osaka, Japan, a STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center. I hope you enjoy The John Garey Show, Season 1, Episode 9.

Meet Wataru


Wataru is the owner of B³ Pilates and Yoga in Osaka, Japan. He is a STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer. Wataru was the first to hold this title for Merrithew™ in Asia. Lead Instructor Trainers are active in the Merrithew global network, contributing valuable repertoire and curriculum to the Merrithew Education Program.

Wataru practices Judo. He is a part-time lecturer at Kobe College in the dance education department. He also lectures frequently in other countries.

Wataru has recently studied with researchers from around the world, learning motion analysis and functional anatomy for core-conditioning and the fascial system.

Show Notes

Premieres Sunday, April 24 for Subscribers and Monday, April 25 for everyone.
Meet and Greet: Find out all about my guest, Wataru. He went to High School in the US and you won’t believe where. (Begins at 1:13)
Inspire Segment: Learn about Wataru’s inspiring story about learning Pilates in another language. (Begins at 7:14)
Fun Segment: Wataru and I play a game called “Pilates A-Z.” He’s trying to beat Heather Lawson’s score from last week! (Begins at 11:14)
Training Segment: Find out what Wataru is up to now. (Begins at 15:50)
Final Segment: I ask Wataru one more question that don’t want to miss. (Begins at 24:27)

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