Season 1, Episode 8 – Guest: Heather Lawson

Heather Lawson is a Pilates Expert. She is a Lead Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES® and Total Barre™. Heather has worked at John Garey Fitness and Pilates in Long Beach, CA practically since we opened our doors in 2001. I hope you enjoy The John Garey Show, Season 1, Episode 8.

Meet Heather

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Heather has been with John Garey Fitness & Pilates practically since the day the doors opened in March, 2001 and is currently the Lead Instructor for our Pilates Program.

Heather is also a STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer for Mat and Reformer, Cadillac Chair and Barrels, as well as Injuries and Special Populations. She is a featured performer and instructor in many STOTT PILATES DVDs.

Heather is also a Total Barre™ Instructor Trainer and the main model for the Total Barre Manual. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise.

In addition, Heather graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2000 where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance.

Show Notes

Premieres Sunday, April 17 for Subscribers and Monday, April 18 for everyone.
Meet and Greet: Find out all about my guest, Heather. She’s been with our studio for almost 15 years. (Begins at 1:18)
Inspire Segment: Find out Heather went from being the first student in the first course given at John Garey Fitness and Pilates to a Lead Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES. (Begins at 4:56)
Fun Segment: Heather and I play a game called “Pilates A-Z.” She’s really good at this! (Begins at 12:48)
Training Segment: Find out what Heather is up to now. (Begins at 16:25)
Final Segment: I ask Heather one more question that I ask all of the Season 1 guests. You don’t want to miss it. (Begins at 19:25)

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