Season 1, Episode 6 – Guest: Linda Shelton

Linda Shelton is an icon in the fitness industry. She has been on the forefront of every major trend in the last thirty years. She is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and she is a joy to talk to. I hope you enjoy The John Garey Show, Season 1, Episode 6.

Meet Linda


Inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in March of 2007, Linda Shelton stands as one of the country’s leading exercise experts. She is an internationally recognized fitness and wellness consultant, certified trainer, speaker and health writer, who for the last 45+ years, she has been inspiring millions around the world to a healthier way of life. A former physical education and dance teacher and aerobic studio owner, Linda completed her undergraduate in physical education and master’s work in exercise physiology, specializing in aerobic dance exercise. She is acclaimed by fitness professionals as an industry leader for her innovative, scientifically applied programs which makes getting fit and healthy attainable for everyone! Linda’s unparalleled blend of skills as a passionate educator, and, energetic, creative facilitator help her uniquely guide individuals to engage, integrate and embrace lifestyle change and personal transformation.

Formerly Fitness Director for all Weider/AMI women’s fitness publications including SHAPE Magazine, Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy for 23 years, and Fitness Director for VIVmag, a digital women’s lifestyle and fitness magazine for 6 years, she continues to work as a freelance fitness and wellness writer. She has appeared on virtually every major broadcast and cable network news telecasts, including such programs as Good Morning America, E Entertainment, Inside Edition and the Discovery Channel. Linda produced, directed and/or choreographed over 1,500 fitness DVDs, co-
produced four award-winning television fitness shows and authored eight books including Shape Magazine’s Ultimate Body Book (2006) and co-writing Slim For Life (2013) with Jillian Michaels.

In the early 80’s, Linda was a founding member of the Aerobic and Fitness Association (AFAA), co-authoring the Exercise Standards and Guidelines and Primary Certification examination used today to certify thousands of fitness professionals worldwide. During these same years, she pioneered onsite corporate employee wellness programs for Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell, Rocketdyne, Blue Shield and Weider Health and Fitness to name a few, developing landmark predictive, preventative lifestyle screening for her clients. Since then, she has continued to consult, develop and implement innovative wellness programming as well as train fitness and wellness practitioners in her successful methods.

In constant demand as a “visionary” exercise programmer, Linda has, since 2008, co- created Zumba Toning™ with Beto Perez, JUKARI Fit to Flex™ for Reebok and Cirque du Soleil, and co-developed the PILOXING™ and PILOXING™ Barre & Knockout certificate programs. In 2011, she innovated and launched Elements for Fitness on Request, now WELLBEATS™, via a virtual training delivery platform, inspiring over 2 million class plays worldwide. She currently serves as Content & Education Director and Producer/Director for WELLBEATS™, a recognized leader in the Virtual market, churning out new, proprietary fitness and wellness content on a regular basis. In 2012, Linda teamed with Empowered Media as a fitness consultant and program developer for Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED, working with Jillian and her company to launch a global instructor certificate program as well as work with Jillian to unveil a new Curves, Jillian Michaels, in-club program.

Linda is President of her three companies: Professional Fitness Services, a consulting and program development firm, LIFESTYLEscapes™, a fitness and resource Wellness business, and SOULjourn, a multi-media production company. She is Senior Advisor of Exercise Sciences for ProActive Health Solutions as well one of their 11 Audio Fitness Trainers.

Linda lives in Thousand Oaks, CA and enjoys being active in any way, including teaching fitness and lifestyle classes, walks with her two golden retrievers, gardening, creative cooking and interior design.

Show Notes

Premieres Sunday, April 4 for Subscribers and Monday, April 5 for everyone.
Meet and Greet Segment: Meet Linda and learn about her incredible career in fitness, from corporate fitness, to owning her own studio, to writing the manual for AFAA, and more. (Begins at 1:17)
Inspire Segment: Learn about how Linda has inspired fitness professionals and enthusiasts all of the the world. Hear her advice on how to stay inspired and grow as an instructor. (Begins at 10:36)
Fun Segment: Linda and John play a game called, “Celebrity Workout Videos – Real or Fake.” There’s a lot of crazy stuff out there – don’t miss Linda’s funny answers. (Begins at 16:03)
Training Segment: Linda talks about the latest trend in fitness – On-line training (and you know how much I love THAT). (Begins at 23:08)
Final Segment: Linda answers one more question you don’t want to miss. (Begins at 28:56)

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