Season 1, Episode 5 – Guest: Christie Miller

Christie Miller and I have been friends for a long, long time. I met her when she became a client at John Garey Fitness and Pilates years ago. Since then, I watched her go through a number of career changes and be hugely successful at every one! Christie’s latest project is EatTrainWin, a life-coaching program, and it’s awesome. She is truly inspirational and has a lot to offer fitness professionals about how to succeed in the business of fitness. I hope you enjoy The John Garey Show, Season 1, Episode 5.

Meet Christie


I am a native Southern California girl who loves living life to its fullest. I never met a challenge I didn’t enjoy. My friends call me “Balls to the Wall Miller” but I’m more concerned with being happy than being perfect.

And the good news is we can all attain happiness! It hasn’t been easy for me though. Years ago, I was 28 pounds heavier. I had no energy. I was disappointed in myself and my life was completely out of balance.

But you know what? I turned it around in my 40s with simple steps that can work for you! My dramatic transformation explains why I was a paid spokesperson for a national weight loss company from 2011 to 2013.

Now it’s time for me to help you shed the extra pounds and emotional baggage that often accompanies it to live the life you love and deserve.

Enter EatTrainWin.

After years of training hard and pushing for success physically and mentally in my careers and personal life, I discovered that winning in life is really a balancing act. Now I thrive on sharing my nutrition and fitness knowledge to help you lead a healthier and happier life, too.It’s never too late to reinvent yourself!

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise and a certified Life Coach. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and my Juris Doctorate, both from the University of Southern California. I had successful careers as a Financial Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Interior Designer, and LA County Sheriff before discovering my true passion: motivating and coaching people who want to make meaningful changes in their lives.

I am Coach Christie!

Show Notes

Premieres Sunday, March 27 for Subscribers and Monday, March 28 for everyone.
Meet and Greet Segment: Meet Christie and learn about how we know each other and some of the fun we’ve had – Like our “studio improvement” adventure. You’ll also learn about Christie’s career development. (Begins at 1:04)
Inspire Segment: Learn about EatTrainWin and how and why Christie started her life coaching business. (Begins at 9:37)
Fun Segment: Christie and John play a game called, “Name the Chris and Name the John.” It’s fun and funny – don’t miss this. (Begins at 15:55)
Training Segment: Christie talks in-depth about how to get involved with EatTrainWin and also why it’s great for fitness and Pilates Professionals. (Begins at 21:2o)
Final Segment: Christie answers one more question you don’t want to miss. (Begins at 26:18)

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