JGS Europe Tour – Brig Wrenn and Pete Gibson

Our first episode of The John Garey Show goes to Europe is with Brig Wrenn and Pete Gibson in Crystal Palace, London, England. This fun interview takes place while sitting on a Sphinx in a park – as you do.

Meet Brig and Pete

Pete Gibson and Brigitte Wrenn are the founders of Bamboo Fitness and are local residents of Crystal Palace in London. After many years of working in the fitness industry they finally realized their goal of opening a high quality boutique studio closer to home.

Since launching the Reformer Pilates studio in July 2013, Bamboo Fitness has gone from strength to strength and now have a second studio running Total Barre™ and Hot Yoga classes.

Both Pete and Brig are passionate about balance and variety in exercise, ensuring clients have a workout that is progressive, fun and interesting. Reformer Pilates, Hot Yoga, Ballet Barre and Barefoot Fitness are all essential ingredients to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

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