JG Show Season 3 Premiere; Summer Body Project with John Launch; Business Matter with Mike Episode 2

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

It’s been a super busy week and I’m really excited to fill you all in on what’s happening.

First, we launched The John Garey Show, Season 3 on Thursday of last week!  We are still filming the final episodes this week – in fact, in a couple of hours, I’ll be on set with Kristi Cooper of Pilates Anytime to film an episode.  This is her third appearance on the show and I’m so thankful that she says yes whenever I ask.  Along with Kristi, we have incredible guests from all of the US and the world:  From Australia to Spain to Nebraska to Indiana and more.  These leaders, inventors, and teachers have so much to offer and I’m thrilled to have them on The JG Show.  Last week we premiered Season 3 with our first Episode featuring Sara Calquhoun from Melbourne, Australia.  The show is so awesome and, really, how can you not have fun with an Aussie?  So be sure to check it out.  This coming Thursday, I’m interviewing my friend and fellow STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Wendy Andersen from Nebraska.

And to the left is my crazy friend Joe Williams.  He’s back on the show after moving to Las Vegas and I love this episode.  He worked for JG Fitness and Pilates for 7 years and last Summer moved to Las Vegas to follow a dream of his.  He talks about what it’s like to start over at a new job and, well we get a little crazy too.  I hope you’ll tune in.

This past week we launched Summer Body Project.  I’m currently running a Small Group Training at my studio with 10 wonderful women.  And together we’re getting into shape for Summer.  I’ve opened up this training with all of you and many of you are joining in!   There’s still time if you want to join us.   Check out our Special Programs Page to find out more details.

And, we filmed our LIVE streaming Thursday program, Business Matters with Mike, Episode 2.  Mike continued his topic, What Gets Measured, Gets Done.  In Part 2, Mike covers Individual KPIs for Trainers & Instructors.

Once these videos are filmed live on YouTube and our Live Page, they are only available to JG TV Subscribers.  This coming week, we’ll have a new Special Programs page, where you can see all of the Business Matters Episodes.  Keep you questions coming and Mike will continue the series for at least another month.

And, here are our latest workouts:

That’s it for today’s blog.  Now I’ve got to go get ready for my interview with Kristi Cooper!  It’s a great day!
Cheers everyone!

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